Joy Restaurants, uniquely Indian food

Joy is a brand which dates back from the 90s with many years of experience in providing excellence with branches in Charminster and Southbourne.

The ingredients in our recipes are selected with the greatest care, from the best that the world has to offer. With leading brand such as Tilda, Rajah, Papa and many more. It is always our principle to use the best of nature - never artificial colours or flavours.

Selecting the best ingredients is a key prerequisite in creating flavours with an intense aroma release. With a quest for perfect ingredients we are the only Indian cuisine to use fresh breast of chicken, lamb meat taken from lamb leg and not mutton unlike our competitors. Even in your prawn curry we will use jumbo tiger prawns at no extra cost, not to mention that we will only use fresh seasonal vegetables.

It is our desire to be known as the perfect Indian restaurant is the growing popularity of the Joy group of restaurants.

Our business is driven by a continuing search for perfect dinning experience that dates back to the earliest history of the brand. Everything we do is built on the skill and imagination of our highly skilled chefs - our passion for perfection, our quest for the best ingredients that nature can provide, and our commitment to providing the perfect dinning experience.

Another dimension of perfection is presentation – taking the care to prepare food that will look its very best when presented to you.

Joy Southbourne